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Virginia Bankers Association Bank Day Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Virginia Bankers Association

Scholarship Value: $7,500
Awards Available: 7
Award Deadline : Mar 16, 2021

The third Tuesday in March was declared Bank Day by the Virginia General Assembly in 1991. On this day, high school seniors spend a day in banks across the Commonwealth shadowing a banker in their daily duties. The purpose of this experience is for the students to learn about banking, financial services, and the vital role banks play in their communities.

From their experience, the students are required to write an essay on the following topic: "What did you learn on Bank Day that will help you manage your financial future AND what did you learn about how banks support their communities?"

Seven scholarships (six regional and one statewide) will be awarded on the basis of the essays. There will also be six honorable mention scholarships (one in each of the six regions).

Participation Criteria:

A) Currently enrolled as a high school senior in a Virginia high school

B) Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

C) Resident of Virginia

D) Teacher/guidance counselor contact information provided by the student

Scholarship Amounts: $26,000 total!

A) $1,000 Each for six honorable mention scholarships

B) $2,500 Each for six regional winners

C) $5,000 Statewide winner ($7,500 total since all candidates will also be regional winners)

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